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Product Overview
Algae turf scrubbers have been successfully used for many years to combat excess nutrients via natural growing algae. Due to the efficiency of algae scrubbers, many reefers using them do not use any type of protein skimmer or expensive phosphate removal media to combat nutrient levels. An algae scrubber can easily be added to almost any saltwater or freshwater system to lower nutrient
levels and help inhabitants thrive. As algae grows, it will "lock" up nutrients in its structure, and by harvesting the algae you are removing nutrients and other undesired chemicals from your tank.
Recommended Volume:
125 gallon
13.75"Lx 9"W x 9.25"H
Screen Dimensions:
7" x 6.75"
Recommended Flow:
350 GPH
Input Barb Size:
Main Drain Bulkhead:
Emergency Bulkhead:
Power Consumption:
40W @ 120VAC
Clear Water Scrubbers are an external design that
needs to be mounted higher than the sump of your tank for the drain to flow into. The feed for the scrubber can be done with a stand-alone feed
pump, manifold, or through the drain of your aquarium and plumbed into the included 1/2" barb fitting. Water will then flow over the algae
screen that is blasted with high power red/blue LED lights that encourage algae growth and then the water will flow into the main drain fitting and
down into your sump. Clear Water's scrubber was designed with a 1/2" emergency drain fitting that will accept any excess flow if the 1/2" main drain
ever gets clogged with algae.

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