Why glass over acrylic aquariums?

Glass aquariums are much easier to maintain because the material is more resistant to scratches. In a reef aquarium, abrasive materials are everywhere. From sand to baby snails and other organisms that create a hard shell, these particulates catch on maintenance gear as you clean the surfaces of your aquarium and instantly scratch acrylic aquariums. For rimless aquariums, acrylic tanks need much thicker and more expensive material to prevent bowing.

This is my first aquarium, how do I make the right choice for me?

With decades of experience, our professional team is available to help design and build the perfect system to get you started. We translate concepts into easy to digest information to take the burden off of the beginning hobbyist. 

How long does it take to build my aquarium?

Depending on our current orders, our typical lead time is between 8-12 weeks from the time of purchase.