Stealth SRS30 - Reef Sump

Crystal Reef Aquatics


Alterations are welcome! We charge a design fee based on the complexity of your specific needs. Custom sumps of any size are also available. Please contact sales@crystalreefaquatics for a quote!

The Stealth Reef Sump SRS30 has a 30 x 15 x 15 (27 gallon) configuration and comes complete with all the accessories show below at no extra charge to our customers. These include a John Guest fitting with 3" clear tube for ATO, Probe Holder, Dual 4" sock Assembly, All bulkhead and piping, Dual heater holders, Drop in media box, Adjustable Skimmer Baffle, Media rack, 5 x John Guest fittings with 3" clear hard tube for dosing to give our clients a fully Plug and Play Sump. All Sump are made from top grade acrylic, Designed in the US and hand built in the US.

Alterations are welcome! We charge a design fee based on the complexity of your specific needs. 


1 = Dual 1" drain system. With all bulkheads and drain piping (included)

2 = 5 John Guest fittings each with 3" clear hard tubes (included) for dosing. Designed for easy plug and play dosing of essential elements.

3 = 1 John Guest fitting with 3" clear hard tube (included) for ATO. Designed for easy plug and play.

4 = CRA probe Holder, Designed for 3 normal probes and 1 larger (Temp) all being adjustable. 

5 = 14.5" x 6" Return Chamber.

6  = 3" x 14.5" removable media/sponge filter rack.

7 = 8.75" x 14.5" Skimmer/Refugium Chamber. Can be used for either purpose.

8 = An adjustable Grated Baffle giving you more precise control for varying Skimmer and refugium requirements, with the levels ranging from 6 inches to 14.

9 = 8.5 x 11 Refugium/ Skimmer chamber. Designed to be used as either based on the clients needs.

10 = A pair of CRA Heater Holders.

11 = CRA Drop in Box (see description below), and a  drop in 2- 4" Filter Sock tray  (see description below).

12 = 2 CRA plug/wire through holes. An easier way to pass wires, plugs  and other misc. item through the top of the sump without hanging them over the edge.


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