Make algae and nitrate problems a thing of the past with
Clearwater Algae Scrubbers!
Algae scrubbers are the most efficient method of organic filtration available to the
aquarium hobbyist. The ultra efficient design used by Clearwater Scrubbers use high powered LED lights to grow algae at a rate many times faster than a traditional refugium, which drastically reduces nitrate and phosphate levels.
Clearwater Scrubbers operate by moving large volumes of water over a rough and
highly illuminated screen. This spurs on rapid algae growth, as algae grows it consumes nutrients in the water such as Nitrate, Phosphate, Ammonia, and Ammonium. These nutrients not only drive the growth of nuisance algae, but also contribute to sickness in fish, and a myriad of other problems in invertebrates and coral. The algae scrubber provides a single spot got algae growth inside of the filter, instead of in your tank while also drastically improving water quality.
Why Clearwater Scrubbers?
Our highly efficient design utilizes lights with a spectrum tuned to maximize algae
growth, in addition to this, by providing both sides of the screen with their own high power LED growth light Clearwater Scrubbers provides twice the filtration capacity of similarly priced options. Our design is also simple to operate, with an easy to remove screen and simple setup, clearwater scrubbers can be set up with ease by even the most inexperienced of hobbyists. Your Clearwater scrubber also saves money over its lifetime by reducing the need for costly supplements such as GFO and Carbon, while also reducing the number of water changes needed to maintain pristine conditions. Clear water Scubbers can easily pay for themselves within the first year of use. Since every tank is different, Clearwater Scrubbers makes 4 sizes of algae scrubber to ensure the needs of every hobbyist are met, regardless of tank size or bioload.
Improve water quality, save money, and reduce maintenance by adding your Clearwater Scrubber today!

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