Custom Aquarium Build - 235 Gallon Reef Tank

Custom Aquarium Build - 235 Gallon Reef Tank

May 04, 2018


In this video, we interview Rob Shields about his custom aquarium built by Crystal Reef Aquatics. Please Like and Subscribe for more videos. Also, remember to hit the notification bell!


  • Tank-68x36x24 with 2 sides starfire glass, external glass overflow with bean animal drains
  • Stand- engineered aluminum with walnut wrap.
  • Lights-Crystal Reef LED 270w and 4 ATI bulbs (2 Actinic and w Blue Plus)
  • Flow- 2 closed loop pumps and 1 Gyre Sump- Crystal Reef Aquatics 44"
  • Calcium Reactor- Reef Octopus SEO5000D
  • Skimmer- Reef Octopus Regal 250EXT
  • Controller-Neptune Apex

Thanks for watching and for more information visit out Custom Aquariums page or contact us.

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